Nicola Fais

I’m a biologist who worked for several years at the university and for a pharmaceutical company as a researcher. I’m from Sardinia, an island that offers great opportunities for who loves sports and outdoor activities.

Almost casually, about 7 years ago, I forsake the laboratories, experiments and scientific publications to start a new career, so I become a bicycle and a naturalist guide, working like a guide and a tour leader for various tour operators, both in Sardinia and in the rest of the Italian territory, from the Dolomites to the natural parks of Campania.

It is a beautiful craft that gives great satisfactions and emotions, as you become an ambassador of your country, helping to increase your and others’ wealth of knowledge to the slow rhythm, by bike or hiking, because during a journey you have to recognise as traveler and not as simple tourist.

Favorite places

I could only speak about the island where I live, this small continent that offers so much, but Italy is not only Sardinia, indeed, I’m lucky to be born in one of the countries most diverse and incredible, every place of this long boot is an ideal destination for a journey in human history.

I began as a simple driver and followed the groups in the technical support role, but the experience and the passion grew in the months, until leading the travelers along the roads or along  mountain trails. This is a job where experience is as important as continuing education, to offer a new service and never taken for granted.