About Enrico Lamberti

My passion for cycling was born when I was a teenager, but I really fell in love with the bike in 1987 when, finished my course of study, I bought my first bike mountain. It was a new world for me, full of unknown sensations, continuous explorations, and endless fun; always in contact and in harmony with the wonderful Sardinian nature.

Than after some years, I realised there was another way to have fun and to travel on two wheels: road biking! And a new toy appeared in my garage; I was ready to go anywhere anytime, in totally freedom and independence.

My Experience

In 2002 I decided to transform my passion in a job, I opened a bike tour company with a friend of mine in the town of Olbia. Day by day my experience and my passion  were growing and we run that business, pretty successfully for 6 years.  In 2008 I moved to Cagliari, where I started working as a guide for a big tour operator where I spent 3 years and where I met new friends with which I opened a new company. In the last 3 years an old passion went back in my life:  sea kayak; So I decided, in agreement with the rest of the team, to extend our business to this new experience.

My Favourite Place

Of course I love Sardinia, first of all because is my birth place, but also because it offers very many opportunities of doing excursions and trips in mountain bike and road bike, but also a great place for kayaking and hiking. But sometimes it is good to change; So when I have the chance I like going to Corsica which is similar to Sardinia, but with Higher mountains and beautiful alpine landscapes.