Things to Consider Bringing On Your Walking Holiday

We always recommend that you travel light, keep in mind that almost all of our hikes are supported with luggage transfers, allowing you to bring a suitcase that will be waiting for you at  your hotel every night. Everyday you'll be able to travel light, carrying just a daypack with snacks, camera, water, and a light jacket or fleece. While we make some specific recommendations below, your own personal preference, experience, and comfort what works best for you is ultimately the most important factor in deciding what to bring.

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Walking Holidays Sardinia Coastline | Sardinia Hiking
Walking Holidays Sardinia Coastline | Sardinia Hiking

Recommended clothing

  • 1 daypack (or 20-liter backpack)
  • 1 pair mid-weight hiking shoes, can be low-cut or mid-ankle (suggested), and should have a sturdy, vibram-like sole
  • 1 set rain gear – tops and bottoms, or poncho
  • 1 mid-weight fleece sweater or soft-shell jacket
  • 1-2 pair synthetic hiking pants or shorts.
  • 2-3 T-shirts – with wicking properties, avoid cotton (it holds on to moisture)
  • 1 pair long pants (some of our paths are very narrow and the vegetation is very thorny)
  • 1 long sleeve shirt (wicking preferred)
  • 3-4 pair hiking socks – Wool is too hot for the Sardinian climate
  • 1 pair extra shoes for wearing at the end of the day and in town and/or flip flops for the beach
  • 1 hat of choice
  • Swimsuit

Recommended items

  • 1-2 liter water bottle or hydration bladder
  • Sunscreen high factor
  • Sun glasses
  • Small towel or microfiber sport towel, for use at the beach
  • 1 pair trekking poles

Pre-departure packing list optional items

  • Smartphone
  • Camera
  • Your personal first aid kit (and your own medicines with prescriptions)

The weather in Sardinia

Autumn in Sardinia is normally very mild. Temperatures are between 15 and 25 C° (59 – 77°F) during the day, but could drop to 7-10 C° (44 – 50) during the night.

The ocean water will be warm and perfect for swimming.  Be aware that we could also experience the occasional thunderstorm. Bring a rain jacket.

Late autumn tours (October to November) evenings can be cool, so bring an extra sweater or jacket.