Things to Consider Bringing On Your Cycling Holiday

If you decide to bring your own bike on your holiday it is essential that it's in good working order.  Make sure it has been thoroughly checked! If you are not a good mechanic you may want to get your local bike shop to give it a service, a small expense that will be worth it!

Road Cycling Holidays in Sardinia
Road Cycling Holidays in Sardinia
Mountain Bike Holidays in Sardinia
Mountain Bike Holidays in Sardinia

Things to check on your bike

1. Check and adjust all wheel spokes
2. Check and grease all bearings
3. Check adjust/replace brakes and cables (you'll need good brakes as there will be some very long descents)
4. Check gears and cables
5. Check and tighten all nuts and bolts (especially bottom bracket and headset).
6. Check chain, quick release clamps, tyres and inner tubes.

The nature of cycling trips means adjustments and repairs on route are inevitable. On the ‘Guided’ trips we will be carrying a full tool kit and a selection of standard basic spares that you will be able to buy at cost price. On the ‘Self Guided’ trips you will need to bring your own tools and spares, unless you are hiring a bike in which case we supply a basic tool kit.

Does your bike require any special spares? If so, you may wish to bring them, contact us if you are unsure.
If you are hiring a bike and want to use your own SPD’s or saddle, bring them along and we’ll fit them for you.

How to pack your bike

The best way to travel with a bike is to dismantle it and place it in either a bike specific cardboard box (you can pick one up for free at you local bike shop) or a specific padded bike bag. Please do not use the rigid purpose-built bike box, they are very difficult, bulky and heavy to handle in transfers.

To pack your bike

1. Remove pedals
2. Take off the handlebars, taping them in between the forks, you might need to twist the headset round.
3. Deflate and remove wheels and quick releases. Place plastic fork end protectors (get them in bike shops).
4. If you have disk brakes, place a piece of cardboard in between the pistons. For extra protection, bubble wrap the disks (some people remove them totally, they could get bent in handling)
5. Unscrew the rear derailleur, wrap in cloth or bubble wrap and tape within the rear wheel frame.
6. To protect the frame, you can buy pipe foam tubing from a hardware store, cut it up in different lengths to fit around the frame’s tubes
7. Some people pack bags of clothes and sleeping bag, shoes etc.. around the bike frame for extra padding.

Hiring a bike for your holiday

If you are hiring a bike from Wild Trails you will be supplied with the following kit:
1. Bike
2. Tool kit, including puncture repair kit, tyre levers, pump and allen keys
3. Two spare inner tubes
4. Bike lock
5. Water bottle
6. Chain lube

Clothing and equipment

We provide most of the equipment you will need. The exceptions of possible things you will need are:

1. Seat post pack, including spare inner tube(s).
2. Day pack or bum bag (useful as hand luggage)
3. Sunblock and high factor sun cream
4. Helmet with front peak for better sun protection
5. Beach towel (Hotel towel cannot be used for the beach)

In terms of clothing here are our recommendations. This list is based on personal choice, and should be used as a guide in putting together your clothing requirements.

Weather in Sardinia in spring and autumn is usually warm but can sometimes be unpredictable. We recommend that you choose your clothing to suit changes in weather. Mistral wind may drop the temperature quite considerably so layers of clothing you can add to and take off during the day is the best approach.

1. Windproof / Windproof / Gore Tex jacket
2. Fleece Jacket
3. Cycling Top / Vest / T-Shirts
4. Cycling shorts
5. Walking / cycling leggings
6. Suitable walking shoes / boots for hiking and biking.
7. Swimming costume
8. Casual / active shorts
9. Pair of sandals / “Tevas”
10. Sunglasses / cycling shades
11. Cycling mitts (We recommend full finger protection)
12. Platypus or Camelback water carrying packs

Flights to Cagliari, Sardinia

Several airports and airlines service Cagliari, for example British Airways from London Gatwick and Easyjet from London Stansted. In 2019 we also had flights directly from Manchester, but this changes year on year. Those using other airlines or who wish to have extra time in Sardinia must arrive at the airport no later than the scheduled arrival time and depart no earlier than the scheduled departure time.