How to spend a day trip near Cagliari City.

Places to visit in and close to Cagliari

If you are in Cagliari City or you’re spending your holiday in one of the most beautiful Hotels and Resorts along the coast of south Sardinia, you can find some ways and places for an interesting daily trip. Choosing from an active to a cultural solution, Cagliari can surprise you: different operators with different offers can help you to discover an ancient city.

Cagliari, capital of the Sardinia region, is a port city and like all port cities, its soul and appearance are the result of the influences of so many peoples and cultures who in the millennia of its history elected it to their home.

The ancient and more recent history of Cagliari is represented by many of its monuments, which you can appreciate within museums or walking through its streets. The city has arisen and has developed between some hills, now city parks from whose top you can enjoy a beautiful landscape.
Not far from the center there is its most famous beach, the Poetto, a destination for bathers and sportsmen, and from which stands the great limestone promontory of Capo Sant’Elia, full of trails for hiking or mountain biking.

Cagliari is a city surrounded by water, to the east by the waters of the Regional Natural Park Molentargius-Saline a site for staging, wintering and nesting of numerous species of waterfowl, including protected species, like Flamingos.

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