Road Bike Tours with Wild Trails.

Ride & share our passion for the adventure on the Road Bike.

There are options for every skill level, from the recreational bikers to the most enthusiastic cyclist.

We love make cyclists happy and deliver excellent services. Maybe you are looking for a relaxing tour with a little cycling every day. Maybe you have always dreamt of cycling Europe’s most famous climbs. Or maybe you’re looking for the best wine, food and fun the world has to offer.

We are able to discover your expectations and even exceed them, and we work hard until we achieve them!

We offer Alps and Dolomites cycling holidays for those riders looking for a challenge, eager to climb the passes that made the history of the Giro d’Italia, like your heroes. With our help you can conquer the Stelvio, the Gavia, the Mortirolo and…all your dreams. You can do it! With the proper team! We deliver all the assistance, the tips and support you need.

Our epic Road Bike Tours deliver not only hard efforts, but also deep satisfaction, not only pain but also triumph, coffee stops at the mountain pass, new friends and great memories.

Tuscany, Umbria, Apennines and Puglia are road bike cycling holidays for those that want to discover the historical, genuine and artistic heart of Italy. More hilly routes, great food and excellent wine, relaxing. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the elegant accommodation, in the country side or into the artistic city center. We guide you on quiet, winding roads. Ride along back roads into small towns and lead you to places of cultural and historical interest.

Explore by road bike the Mediterranean’s gems: Sardinia, Sicily and Corsica. They are islands with uncontaminated nature and a rich and long history, this is reflected in a uniqueness and surprises in every aspect of the tour: architecture, wild landscape, excellent food, culture. There is not much traffic at all, we ride on narrow roads that locals use, for a more enjoyable ride and an authentic view of the best landscape.

Wild Trails’s Road Bike Tours are carefully designed by passionate cyclists who have a deep knowledge of the territory – it allows them to be flexible to meet your needs and wishes.

Many of Wild Trails cycling holidays include one or more two-night stays, it is designed to give you more time to relax and the chance to rest. On Wild Trails road bike tours our expert guides assist you to take care of your bike and ride it: gear shifting, cadence, positioning, climbing and descending. During the tour you also receive personal coaching to help you become a better rider.

We are with you to solve any mechanical problem and do regular maintenance.

What you need more? Come ride with us!

Sardinia Northern Explorer

A 9 Day Road Bike Tour in the North of Sardinia Island.

Price –  € 1.400,00

Grade – C

Accommodation – 3/4 stars Hotels

When – 30th September  to  08th October

Duration –  7 Days

Guided Tour & Support Vehicle

Italia Grand Tour Expedition

A 19 days Road Bike Adventure across Italy.

Price –  € 4.150,00

Grade – D

Accommodation – 4 star hotels / boutique hotels

When – May 26th to June 13th  2018

Duration –  19 Days

Guided Tour & Support Vehicle

Mountains & Coasts of Sardinia

A 10 Days Road Bike Tour in Sardinia Island.

Price –  € 1.950,00

Grade – E

Accommodation – 3/4 stars Hotels and Agriturismo

When – 06th to 15th  October

Duration –  10 Days

Guided Tour & Support Vehicle

Mountains & Coasts of Corsica

A Road Bike Tour to discover Corsica Island.

Price –  € 2.400,00

Grade – D / E

Accommodation – 3/4 stars Hotels

When – 04th to 14th  October

Duration –  11 Days

Guided Tour & Support Vehicle


Alps Challenge

The Pride to conquer the most famous Italian Mountain Passes.

Price –  € 2.000,00

Grade – D / E

Accommodation – 3/4 stars Hotels

When – 17th to 25th  June    •     15th to 23th  July     •     19th to 25th  August

Duration –  9 Days

Guided Tour & Support Vehicle

Tuscan Colors   “8 Days Version”

A road cycling trip along story, sweet hills, wine & food.

Price –  € 2.200,00

Grade – C

Accommodation – 3/4 stars Hotels

When – 16th to 23th  September

Duration –  8 Days

Guided Tour & Support Vehicle


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