Mountains & Coasts of Sardinia

A 10 Days Road Bike Tour in Sardinia Island.

Mountains & Coasts of Sardinia starts from the main city of Cagliari, just at the center of the south gulf. The city has a beautiful beach and an old city center. It is the ideal start to explore the south east coast and then move inland towards north.

The second part of our journey continues to the north, to approach the limestone area called Ogliastra, famous for “Tacchi”, particular limestone formations that dominate the landscape. From here we will go all around Gennargentu, the main mountain range of Sardinia, along deep valleys, dense forests, and quiet roads into wild scenery. We will climb Monte Albo and offer you the chance to enjoy the experience to ride on the beautiful road SS125 – it is a must for all riders that visit Sardinia – through an incredible range of scenery around the Supramonte massif, it’s a majestic mountain route offering incredible views. You’ll pedal the breathtaking climb of Genna Silana and the hairpins of Arcu S’Orostode.

We will move further south west, in the Iglesiente area, heading towards the Costa Verde, so called because of the ever-green vegetation that descends from the mountains to the sea between valleys and sand dunes.

The area has a great natural heritage, which has made it one of the most important mining areas in Europe. Its metal resources have been exploited by the Neolithic up to half of the ‘900, with the large investments that have changed the landscape and the social life of the people. This activity remain clear traces throughout the area, the ruins of Naracauli, the village of Montevecchio, then Buggerru.

Guided by our Wild Trails Italy guides, this trip is designed to show you the best of Sardinia, test your biking skills and come away from Sardinia feeling even more competent and ready to tackle more trails.

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Cagliari beach and the south east coast to Villasimius.

The “Seven Brothers” forest road and the road through the gorge.

The “Tacchi” d’Ogliastra.

Gennargentu mountain range.

Monte Albo and Cala Gonone coast.

SS125 road, along the Supramonte limestone range.

The wild Costa verde on the South-West.

Tour Information

Price –  € 1.950,00

Single Room Supplement – € 150,00

Accommodation – 3/4 stars Hotels and Agriturismo.

When –  2nd – 11th October 2020

Category  Road Bike Holiday

Grade – D / E  (Read our Grades of Difficulty)

Start / End – Cagliari / Fluminimaggiore

Suggested Airports Start / End – Cagliari

Duration – 10 Days

Days Riding – 8 Days

Terrain Hilly and Mountainous

Kind of Tour – Point to Point

Guided Tour – One cycling guide every 8 riders and another guide driving the support vehicle

Support Vehicle – We always have a van supporting the group.

What’s Included

  • 9 nights in Hotels: 3/4 stars Hotels and Agriturismi.
  • Meals as per itinerary: B= Breakfast, L= Lunch, D= Evening Meal.
  • Full tour service including 2 or 3 local guides with deep knowledge of the area, skilled and equipped with any indispensable tools to ensure the safety of the group.
  • Support vehicle. Luggage transportation all along the tour and the scheduled stages. Bike mechanic assistance. Refreshment during the rides.
  • Unless stated at least one leader qualified in First Aid.
  • Airport collections / drop-offs from local airport on scheduled arrival and departure days.

What’s Not Included

  • Personal clothing and equipment.
  • Meals and drinks whilst travelling to and from Sardinia.
  • Travel insurance (available if required).
  • Bar bills, telephone calls, souvenirs, etc.
  • Bike hire (available if required).
  • Flights & charges for travelling with your bike.
  • Airport transfers on days other than the scheduled arrival / departure days.
  • Laundry services at the accommodation.

Mountains & Coasts of Sardinia Itinerary





Cagliari Arrival Welcome, bike fitting, sightseeing.


Cagliari Villasimius loop 137 km / 1350 mt Approx.

B  L


Jerzu Cagliari to Rifugio d’Ogliastra, the “Tacchi” . 135 km / 2500 mt Approx

B  L  D


Aritzo The Gennargentu Mountains 112 km / 2100 mt Approx

B  L  D


Bitti Aritzo to Bitti via Barbagia 116 km / 1700 mt Approx

B  L  D


Cala Gonone Monte Albo and Cala Gonone Coast 116 km / 1400 mt Approx

B  L


Villanova Strisaili Supramonte Raid 122 km / 2900 mt Approx

B  L  D


Fordongianus From the mountains to hot springs 118 km / 1800 mt Approx

B  L  D


Fluminimaggiore Fordongianus to Portixeddu via Costa Verde. 116 km / 1400 mt Approx

B  L



Tour Description Day by Day.

Day 1.  Arrival at Cagliari.

On your arrival at the airport you will be met by the Wild Trails team and transferred to your first accommodation.

We will set some time aside to learn all about your week of road biking and fit the bikes. After we will enjoy a drink at a kiosk on the beach and we will go to the old town for a walk and dinner.

Hotel in Cagliari.

Day 2.  Villasimius Loop.     

Distance 137 km   •  Total Ascent 1350 mt

Welcome riders! This is your first ride of Mountains and Coasts in Sardinia, May is a perfect month to enjoy the island, accompanied by a good temperature and where the landscapes still green.

We will leave our hotel to get a few kilometers inland towards the Seven Brothers Mountains. The mountain’s name comes from the granites peaks on the top. The valley is surrounded by oak forest, the climb is steady, from the pass, at 470 m asl, the descent follows the gorge that becomes  more narrow and offers great views of pink granite. We can stop for a coffee at the hamlet of San Priamo and carry on riding towards Costa Rey, a famous beach spot. From here we will follow the beautiful emerald coast. It is all up and down, indeed the mountains arrive just on the sea dramatically and the road winds from a incredible bay to another one even better, all the way till Cagliari outskirt.

Hotel in Cagliari.

Day 3.  Gerrei Mountains and “Tacchi” d’Ogliastra.

Distance 135 km  •  Total Ascent 2500 mt

We will begin the day biking along the countryside to leave Cagliari and entry in the Parteolla area,  an hilly area famous for good vine and olive oil. From here, between vineyard and olive trees, we will climb towards Gerrei Mountains. No cars along the road, we will meet only flocks of sheep and cows, wild mountains and shepherds’ houses. Passing through small villages, along quiet roads on the ridge, from the Gerrei mountains we go down to the Flumendosa river valley. We will follow the river valley for a bit before climb again towards Ogliastra limestone mountains, via Perdasdefogu plateau.

From the plateau we have the best views of the limestone peaks, “Tacchi”, with cylinder shape, they are all spread in a big area towering over a green scenery, interrupted by deep valleys and all covered by oak forests.

Our hotel is just on the plateau overlooking the Ogliastra peaks.

Hotel in Jerzu.

Day 4.  From Rifugio d’Ogliastra to Aritzo.

Distance 112 km  •  Total Ascent 2100 mt

Today we’ll explore the south said of the main mountain range of Sardinia, the Gennargentu. The first part of the day we have to cross the narrow valley of Gairo with a long series of hairpins, down and up.

From the top, about 1000 m asl, we can see the coast in the distance. Then we will ride on a very remote area along the Flumendosa Lake, on the  south east side of Gennargentu. The Gennargentu is covered with forests of oak, elm and chestnut trees, arbutus, roses wild, cysts and brooms; riding along the lake, we have  the best view of the mountains and Flumendosa valley. We have to go all around the main mountain range to reach our village on the opposite slope. That means we will cross the Flumendosa river many times, up and down.

Aritzo is a mountain village famous for the chestnuts forests on the high part of the valley.  The hotel is one of the best in Sardinia, the owner is also a very good wine producer and we can have a wine tasting just before dinner. You will always remember this delicious dinner.

Hotel in Aritzo.

Day 5.  Aritzo to Bitti via Barbagia.

Distance 116 km  •  Total Ascent 1700 mt

We move North to reach the west side of Mount Albo. All the route is along one of the wildest area of Sardinia, called Barbagia that means “the land of Barbarians”, it is because in the ancient society, the Romans were not able to conquer that area, the main reason is the particularly geography.

There are not very high mountains but they are very arduous, steep slopes and deep valleys, all covered by dense forests… and we are going to ride their.

We are following mainly minor mountain roads, along small lakes and shepherds villages. The hotel is on the high part of Bitti village, on a granite plateau, overlooking the impressive and white shape of Monte Albo, that we are going to climb tomorrow.

Hotel in Bitti.

Day 6.  Monte Albo to Cala Gonone Coast.

Distance 116 km  •  Total Ascent 1400 mt

Today we will ride through very different landscape.

Starting from the granite plateau, we will conquer the Monte Albo. It will seem to be on the moon, nobody around , a large and deep valley on one side and the with peaks of the mountains on the other. A long, steady and windy descent will bring us towards the coast. From here we will ride along pine forests till the town of Orosei, on the Cedrino river mouth, and then a gentle climb on the basaltic plateau, to reach the limestone mountains of Supramonte and the bay of Cala Gonone, at the bottom of the long last descent, with the blue of the see in front of us.

Cala Gonone is very famous beach spot, with the hotel just in front of the see.

Hotel in Cala Gonone.

Day 7.  The Supramonte raid.

Distance 122 km  •  Total Ascent 2900 mt

We start our day leaving Cala Gonone, riding our first climb where at the top, we have the spectacular view of the Orosei gulf. From Dorgali village we gradually climbing up to the 1000 mt of the Genna Silana Pass. This steady climb along the slopes of the Oddoene Valley offers great views on the Flumineddu River and the Gorge of Gorroppu, one of Europe’s deepest gorges over 400 mt. deep.

After, reaching the Genna Silana Pass and a stop at the bar, we descend to the sea side village of Santa Maria Navarrese.

From the coast we’ll ride to inland to ride the second long climb of the day, to arrive again up to the 1000 mt. From the top we ride for another 22 km to Villanova Strisaili village. The view of Gennargentu mountains in front of us, on a wild plateau, silent and inhabited only by wild animals. This evening another memorable dinner with genuine local food.

Hotel in Villanova Strisaili.

Day 8.  From the Mountains to Hot Springs.

Distance 118 km  •  Total Ascent 1800 mt

From the village we’ll ride today along the quite roads of the Gennargentu range, that is home to the highest peaks of the island (Punta La Marmora 1834 mt and Bruncu Spina 1,828 mt). From here you can enjoy a panorama that sweeps across the island. The area is of great value to the presence of habitats and rare and endemic species. Then we’ll enter on the Mandrolisai area characterized by vast pastures, forests of chestnut, cork and by the presence of numerous vineyards representing the most important economic resources of the area. From this area we cross another Sardinian sub-region, the Barigadu (Latin for “pass”) is an area of ​high plateau of wild beauty on the east side of Omodeo lake. It was a border area between the civilized roman territory and the barbarians mountains. The Tirso and Araxisi rivers have dug deep valleys between the basaltic rocks, so the exploration of the plateaus and valleys offer a fantastic route. The landscape is characterized by the presence of Mediterranean scrub and cork trees. We are following the valley of Tirso river, with the view of Montiferru volcano in the distance. We will pass small villages, characterized by an intense and skilful use of local stone and finally we’ll arrive to Fordongianus. Our next accomodation is a Spa/Terme Hotel, built on the banks of the Tirso river, where the Romans built their baths and the ruins of which still exist.

Hotel in Fordongianus.

Day 9.  Fordongianus to Portixeddu via Costa Verde.

Distance 116 km  •  Total Ascent 1400 mt

Today our ride includes a visit to different geographical areas. We start from Fordongianus placed on the plateau basalt, to move westward and entering the plain of Campidano.

After that we will pass close to the wetlands and ponds of the Gulf of Oristano to move towards the Costa Verde, the area along the south west coast, so called due to its very prosperous vegetation, which runs down from the mountains, crossing valleys and sandbanks towards the sea. Sparsely inhabited with long golden sandy beaches, an emerald blue sea and stunning mountains, it is the good setting for a road bike day. Amongst the stunning Mediterranean scenery, we’ll ride wooded trails, to come across old and fascinating mining villages, like Montevecchio, almost abandoned, now enjoys several industrial and mining monuments, and from 2013 is part of the Historical and Environmental Geo-mining Park of Sardinia, inserted in the network of UNESCO Geo-Parks.

Hotel in Fluminimaggiore.

Day 10.  Departure.

Transfers will be arranged depending on your flight times.