Questions & Answers

We've tried to answer some common questions but as always if there's something you need to know just drop us a line here.

If I want a twin or double room is there a discount for 2 people?
The price is based on a double room occupancy, so if you are a couple or travelling with a mate, there is no discount. There will be an extra cost if you want a single room, the amount depends on the accommodation chosen for the trip.

Do I need to bring my own bike or kayak?
We offer a wide range of solutions to those guests who want to rent a bike or a kayak.  Our suggestion is to bring your bike (kayak hire is not expensive) only if you are coming with a direct flight. We will be happy to help you unpack and pack again at the end of your trip.

What are the hire bikes like?
If you decide to rent a bike, we can discuss the availability at the time. There is a wide range of choices, from a top end bike to less expensive models.

Do you allow eBikes and are there tours that use eBikes?
Every kind of bike is allowed on our tours and soon we will have tours dedicated only to the e-bikers.

E-bikes nowaday are much better than in the past and allow everyone to travel longer distances and climb bigger climbs.  You may want an e-bike to follow the pace of your fitter friends or family.

How fit do I need to be to join a Wild Trails adventure in Italy?
Every tour is graded, and you will find a full description of each grade on our website. If you need more information or have any doubts please contact us. We want to offer you a perfect holiday on your bike.

How old do you need to be?
There are no age restrictions for a cycling tour. You just have to match the right grade for your fitness and your skills.

How many people do I need for a private or custom tour?
The minimum number for a private or custom tour is 2 people. Of course if your group is bigger we can spread the fixed costs and the final price will be less.

What if I get lost or left behind?
We provide detailed maps of the itinerary day by day, GPS devices on demand, and anyway there is always at least one guide (depending on the group size 2 guides) on the bike and a support vehicle with the group.

It's almost impossible to get left behind, and in the unfortunate eventuality that you do get lost we will be able to find you very quickly. It's very important to have a mobile phone with you all the time, fully charged and without roaming restrictions.

Do I need to be a good mechanic?
Our guides are very good mechanics and happy to show up with their skills every time... let them play!

So, what happens if I do get a puncture?
You can walk... joking!! It will be our duty to fix the puncture very soon or your wheel match with our spare wheels we can swap it and fix the puncture later on.

Are life jackets supplied for kayaking days?
Life jackets are supplied with kayaks, we will ask you your size before the trip to provide a comfortable fit.