Why choose a private tour?

Wild Trails Italy offers Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Hiking and Multi Activity Tours at set times throughout the year.

With a custom tours we give you the opportunity to make your tour very personal with the following options:

  • Determine when you want to go.
  • Decide where to go from a variety of beautiful locations throughout Sardinia and Italy.
  • Specify what activities you would like to do, perhaps a day of sea kayaking, cultural or archaeology itineraries, wine tastings, cooking classes, massages, yoga or sailing.     Contact us to discuss this in more detail.
  • Customise the level of difficulty so that it matches your groups skill and fitness level.

Special dietary requirements can be met, just let us know when booking.

We generally recommend using Agriturismos where possible as they offer the ideal environment for a group. Both food and wine is locally sourced with each region having its own unique flavour.

Learn more about agriturismos here.

However, we can source specific accommodation if preferred. Some examples include:

  • Spa facilities
  • Swimming pool
  • Close to or on beach front
  • 4 star hotels


Do I need my own bike?

No you don’t. We can provide a hire bike for you and this can be anything from a mid range bike to a high end race specific bike.

For road cycling trips we can also offer the opportunity for a weaker member of the group to take advantage of an eBike.

Information specific to certain groups

Tours for corporate groups incorporating team building

We find that consultation is key here. Ascertaining the levels of activity required helps us to make recommendations.

We can provide many different team building exercises and small group orienteering challenges which get people of mixed abilities to work together. Utilising each individuals skill set and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals in your group will go a long way in excelling at these activities.

Club orientated tours

Wild Trails Italy have provided many tours for cycling clubs over the years and have gained much experience. Some ideas we often incorporate into trips are:

Nutrition focused. We offer ideas to improve your fitness through the incorporation of proper nutrition appropriate to your activity.

After ride massage and yoga classes

We are often asked to keep days shorter with a focus on higher intensity rides which leave plenty of time to enjoy the afternoon sunshine and maximize recovery. This time is also helpful in providing question and answer sessions.

Tours specifically designs for family groups

Families often have very specific requirements. To help you get the most from an activity we can offer the following:

eBikes are popular on road tours as they work well for weaker members of the family but also provide the opportunity for a trailer or tag_along.

Smaller bike sizes specific for young children

Van support is also essential when young children are involved.

Eating out with young children can be made less stressful by carefully choosing child friendly restaurants and cafes.

We can also incorporate some fun games and activities into the agenda. This can include some fun orienteering games if appropriate.

Cycling holidays designs for groups of friends

Wild Trails Italy have arranged trips for many groups of friends. Flexibility is key here and we can add additional activities if required, some examples include but are not limited to:

  • Shopping trips for wives if this helps
  • Wine tasting sessions
  • Olive oil tasting as well as other foods such as cheese and honey etc.