Tre-K-ayak Ogliastra Adventure

A 7 Days Hiking and Kayaking Tour along the Coast of Ogliastra.

We present our MultiActivity Tour called Tre-k-ayak Ogliastra Adventure, a pretty challenging tour along the coast of Ogliastra, the beautiful area in the meddle west coast of Sardinia.

If your ideal vacation is made of comfortable hotels, sunbeds on the beach and cocktails with the parasol, then all this is not for you. If you love nature, adventure and sports and you are willing to give up a little comfort in exchange of strong emotions, I invite you to read the following.

We will travel for half walking and half on board our small inflatable kayaks; we will move autonomously and independently, will camp in some of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia and we will use our canoes such as beds.

Tre-k-ayak Ogliastra Adventure takes place in the area called Ogliastra, probably the wildest part of Sardinia Island. In particular we follow the coastline, alternating trekking and days when we sail towards north, so we can have two different views of this wonder of the Sardinian geology.

We’ll walk on a limestone plateau when the erosion has profoundly changed this tormented territory, that is rich in important natural monuments; the water has found its way, digging narrow valleys that flow into the sea, break the high coastal limestone walls to create the beautiful beaches of Goloritze, Cala Luna, Mariolu and Sisine. These small beaches are accessible by sea or after long walks. We will paddle under the same cliffs and close to white beaches and small coves from crystal clear water.

The whole area is just anthropized, but in Ogliastra there is also an extensive network of paths, bridleways and trails let inherited from the pastoral culture, the ways of transhumance. These routes allow the visitor to discover a land of extraordinary beauty, definitely not easy to access, but for this reason rich in a wild and archaic charm.

Guided by our Wild Trails Italy guides, this trip is designed to show you the best of west coast of Sardinia, test your skills and come away from Sardinia feeling even more competent and ready to tackle more trails.

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The view of Perda Longa limestone column.

Porto Pedrosu fiord.

The Golgo chasm.

Cala Goloritze bay, Cala Mariolu bay, Cala Sisine beach.

The sunrise from the Cala Luna beach.

Lupiru natural arch.

Tour Information

Price –  € 1.350,00

Accommodation –  Camping / Hotel

When – 27th June – 3rd July  •  3rd – 19th July  •  18th – 24th July  •  22nd – 28th August

Category  Multi Activity – Kayak and Hike

Grade – C

Start / End – Santa Maria Navarrese / Fluminimaggiore

Suggested Airports Start / End – Cagliari or Olbia

Duration – 7 Days

Days Riding – 5 Days

Terrain Mountainous for hike.

Kind of Tour – Two Bases

Guided Tour – One guide every 5 hosts and another guide driving the support vehicle.

Support Vehicle – We always have a van or a boat supporting the group.

What’s Included

  • 4 nights in Camping and 2 nights in Hotels.
  • Meals as per itinerary: B= Breakfast, L= Lunch, D= Evening Meal.
  • Full tour service including 2 or 3 local guides with deep knowledge of the area, skilled and equipped with any indispensable tools to ensure the safety of the group.
  • Support vehicle. Luggage transportation all along the tour and the scheduled stages. Refreshment during the activities
  • Canoes and all equipment
  • Unless stated at least one leader qualified in First Aid.
  • Airport collections / drop-offs from local airport on scheduled arrival and departure days.

What’s Not Included

  • Personal clothing and equipment.
  • Meals and drinks whilst travelling to and from Sardinia.
  • Travel insurance (available if required).
  • Bar bills, telephone calls, souvenirs, etc.
  • Flights & amp.
  • Airport transfers on days other than the scheduled arrival / departure days.
  • Laundry services at the accommodation.

Tre-K-ayak Ogliastra Adventure Itinerary 





Hotel in Santa Maria Navarrese Arrival  –
2 Portu Pedrosu Camp From S.M. Navarrese to Portu Pedrosu Hike : 5 Km / 180 mt  Kayak : 8 km

B  L  D


The Golgo Camping From Portu Pedrosu to the Golgo Hike : 11 Km / 700 mt B  L  D
4 Cala Sisine Camp From The Golgo to Cala Sisine bay Hike : 4 km / 100 mt  Kayak : 9 Km

B  L  D


Cala Luna Camping From Cala Sisine to Cala Luna bay Kayak : 6 km

Hike : 10 km / 350 mt

B  L  D


Hotel at Cala Gonone From Cala Luna to Cala Gonone Town Kayak 7 km B  L




our Description Day by Day.

Day 1.  Arrival.

On your arrival in Sardinia, you will be met by the Wild Trails team and transferred to your first accommodation, to Santa Maria Navarrese village; after the check in and briefing with the guides on use of kayaks and camping. If there is time, we will do a sea trial to get familiar with our boats.

Hotel in Santa Maria Navarrese.

Day 2.  From Santa Maria Navarrese to Portu Pedrosu.

Hiking, from S. M. Navarrese to Perda Longa :

Total Distance: 5 km  •  Total ascent: 180 meters  •  Duration: 2 / 2.5 hours

Kayak, from Perda Longa to Portu Pedrosu :

Distance: 8 km  •  Duration 3/4 hours

We start our first day packing up our canoe and inserting it in the backpack; so we are moving towards the north, and after a few tens of meters of asphalt, we take the path that will lead us to Pedra Longa. 5 km relatively easy almost always along the coast, with remarkable landscapes and views. Once in Pedra Longa we inflate the canoe and start paddling, always towards the north; They expect about 8 km sailing between small coves, sheer cliffs and hidden caves. In the afternoon we reach our destination today, Porto Pedrosu. A wonderful little fjord surrounded by forest of oaks and dense Mediterranean vegetation. Here we will spend our first night in the camp and with the help of our support boat will organize dinner and the field.

Camping at Portu Pedrosu Bay.

Day 3.  From Porto Pedrosu to the Golgo.

Distance: 11 km   •   Total ascent: 690 meters   •   Duration 5-6 hours

A day dedicated exclusively to trekking; we leave the field of Porto Pedrosu and we are moving in the wild hinterland ogliastrino, we walk the first four kilometers inside a deep and spectacular limestone gorge, with some stretches of relatively challenging path. As they continue, our path becomes more simple and smooth, alternating small karst plateaus and green valleys, with some sea views. We drive along the last kilometer simple and marked beautiful path, and we come to our point today’s stage, where we can camp and enjoy the restaurant and local services.

Camping at Il Golgo.

Day 4.  From The Golgo to Cala Sisine bay.

Hiking, from Il Golgo to Cala Goloritzè :

Distance: 4 km   •   Total ascent: 100 m   •   Duration: 1 / 1.5 hours

Kayak, from Cala Goloritzé to Cala Sisine :

Distance: 9 km   •   Duration: 4/5 hours

Today mixed stage; It start on foot to return to the sea through a simple path almost all downhill, which leads us to Cala Goloritze, famous for its spectacular spiers that tower over the sea. On the beach (to the amazement of swimmers) inflate our canoes, we pack backpacks and boots, and we start to navigate increasingly northward. Even today, we expect a clear emerald sea and a stretch of coastline varied and spectacular; We pass first in cala Mariolu, which is definitely worth a visit and where we will have the opportunity to drink a coffee in the small kiosk on the beach, and then we will see the beautiful small town of Cala Biriola beach. We are about two-thirds of navigation and the landscape is always spectacular and varied; Also in this area is full of micro creeks and coves where to go with our small and handy means. Today’s destination: Cala Sisine, where we rely in the restaurant adjacent to the beach for dinner, use of the services and the site for camping.

Camping at Cala Sisine Bay.

Day 5.  From Cala Sisine to Cala Luna bay – Lupiru Arch.

Kayak, from Cala Sisine to Cala Luna :

Distance: 6 km   •   Duration: 4.3 hours

Hiking, from Cala Luna to Lupiru Arch :

Distance a / r: 5 km   •   Total ascent: 340 meters

Stage rather simple now; only 6 km navigation separate us from our next stopping point, but no less evocative of bygone days. Some of the caves we will encounter today are navigable for several tens of meters, and the lights and colors all ‘inside play, give very strong feelings. We will reach the world renowned Cala Luna beach towards lunchtime, then we will consume our lunch packs, and then we’ll decide whether take half a day to relax, or if addressing a short trek of about five kilometers, to visit the famous Arch of Lupiru, a spectacular natural arch high about twenty meters which is the real backdrop to a wonderful glimpse of the coast. Let us return then to Cala Luna, and always supporting us at a local restaurant, we will arrange for dinner and overnight.

Camping at Cala Luna Bay.

Day 6.  From Cala Luna to Cala Gonone.

Kayak, from Cala Luna to Cala Fuili :

Distance: 7 km   •    Duration: 4.3 hours

Let Cala Luna and we continue our journey to the town of Cala Gonone. It therefore falls within the civilization and in the comfort of a hotel room. The navigation section of today gives us even a few pleasant surprises. Just left Cala Luna meet two small bays with deserted beach accessible only by sea, and a particularly clear and crystalline sea will accompany us throughout our journey. Along today’s route we’ll find the famous Bue Marino Cave, which is definitely worth a stop of about an hour for a full tour. Last cove we meet it Cala Fuili, the only beach accessible by road area, so from here we want to get to Cala Gonone by car or on foot, or  the last three kilometers continuing to paddle to the beach that you winds just below the town.

Hotel in Cala Gonone.

Day 7.  Departure.

Transfers will be arranged depending on your flight times.