Difficulty Grades

One of the most important factor to make your active holiday a memorable experience is to chose the right one, the most suitable for you. That why we have graded our active holidays.

Every different activity has particular elements that influence the grades, but there are three important elements for most of the activity: total distance, elevation gain and kind of terrain.


Every different activity has five grades, named with letters,

from beginners (A) to expert looking for challenges (E).


We know everybody is different, and every kind of activity is different. Road cycling is totally different from MTB, and both are different from Leasure cyclingHiking and Sea kayak.  Moreover, into every category there are others category. For example, there are cyclists more focus on the athletic aspect and cyclist that prefer to ride less and slowly and explore more the culture, the food, the art of the land they are visiting.
We have already designed and succesfully guided all kind of tours: from touristic and slow style to epic tours to conquer the high passes. We cover all this large range, offering tours to make happy all of you.

We know, for experience, that is not easy to judge ourself and understand wich is the right grade.

Just contact us, we are happy to help you to choose the right holiday for you.

For Mountain Bike Tours


GRADE A : For those new to mountain biking or who don’t have a high level of fitness. Easy combination of on road and off road routes. Distances between 15-30 miles / 25-50 km per day.

GRADE B : For those who love to ride once a week enjoying their off-road experience. Gentle off-road routes with no difficult technical sections. Distances of 15-30 miles / 25-50 km per day.

GRADE C : For those who have been mountain biking for at least 1 year and ride at least 4-5 times / month with a certain degree of off-road experience. Some moderate and difficult technical sections. Distances of 25-50  miles / 40-80 kms per day.

GRADE D : For those who have been riding for over two years with a good level of  fitness and good climbing and descending skills. Confidence riding all types of terrains is required. Routes with frequent moderate to difficult  technical sections. Distances of 25-50 miles / 40-80 kms per day.

GRADE E : For those who are regular and keen experienced bikers with a high level of mountain biking skills. They are able to tackle difficult obstacles such as larger drop offs and very steep descents. They rides as often as possible spending the majority of weekends and goes through a few mid-week rides. Rides include high-level technical  sections. Distances of 30-60 miles / 50-100 kms per day.