Sardinia Hike Adventure

8 days hiking in the best spots of Sardinia.

This Hiking tour will take you on a discovery of the many natural and cultural treasures of some of the most impervious regions of the island of Sardinia, among hidden valleys and deep gorges, looking at the horizon from upon astonishing cliffs hundreds of meters above the sea.

The trip will immerse you into the islands’ ancient history, retracing the oldest shepards routes, sliding into abandoned “cuiles”, toching some of the most important and archaeological sites of the island.

You can discover one of the last colony of wild horses of Europe, living on the basaltic palteau of Giara di Gesturi, between swaps and woods, an archaic place, a microcosm created by volcanoes and it was a stronghold of the ancient peoples.

Last but not least, you will be enchanted by some of the nicest beaches and most crystalline seas of the world. An ideal mix of beautiful hiking, ancient culture and some lazy relaxation, topped off by Sardinia’s fine traditional cuisine and strong honest local wines.

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The nuragic village Su Nuraxi at Barumini, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The wild little horses on the Giara plateu, another site protected by UNESCO.

Stunning view of the whole Sardinia from Punta La Marmora, the highest point in the island.

The mystery of the nuragic temple of the Sacred Spring and of Tiscali, the hidden prehistoric site in the hearth of Supramonte.

One of Europe most spectacular long distance walks, the Selvaggio Blu (Wild Blue) trail.

Amazing nature of the Gorropu Gorge, the highest canyon in Europe with 400 mt high walls and a minimum width of only 5 mt.

Tour Information

Price –  € 1190,00 / £ 1050

Single Room Supplement – € 180,00 / £ 160

Accommodation agriturismo / boutique hotels

When –  11th – 18th April  •  12th – 19th September  •  10th – 17th October 2020

Catergory Hiking Holiday

Grade – C

Start / End – Barumini / Cala Gonone

Suggested Airports Start / End – Cagliari / Cagliari

Duration – 8 Days

Days Hiking – 6 Days

Terrain Hilly and Mountainous

Kind of Tour – Point to Point

Guided Tour One guide every 10 walkers and another guide driving the support vehicle

Support Vehicle We always have a van supporting the group, providing food, assistance, luggage transfer, transfers in & out.

What’s Included

  • 7 nights in typical accommodation, Agriturismo or Residence (shared twin rooms).
  • Meals as per itinerary (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Evening Meal).
  • Full tour service included 2 or 3 local guides with deep knowledge of the area, full equipped and BLSD Certificated.
  • Luggage transportation all along the tour and the scheduled stages.
  • Airport collections / drop-offs from local airport on scheduled arrival and departure days.

What’s Not Included

  • Personal clothing and equipment.
  • Meals and drinks whilst travelling to and from Sardinia.
  • Travel insurance
  • Bar bills, telephone calls, souvenirs, etc.
  • Equipment hire (available if required).
  • Entrance fees to archaeological sites (unless specified).
  • Flights & charges for travelling
  • Airport transfers on days other than the scheduled arrival / departure days
  • Laundry services at the accomodations

Sardinia Hike Adventure Itinerary






1  Arrival at Cagliari Airport  –  – D
2 Visit archeologicol site Su Nuraxi and hike on the Giara 12 km 4 hrs B  L  D
3 The highest peaks of Gennargentu 15,5 km 5 hrs B  L  D
4 Amazing views of Supramonte 16 km 6 hrs B  L  D
5 From the Lanaitto Valley to Tiscali 12 km 4 hrs B  L  D
6 The spectacular Selvaggio Blu 14 km 5 hrs B  L  D
7 The Gorroppu Gorge and the Flumineddu river 16 km 5 hrs B  L  D
8 Departure B

Tour Description Day by Day.

Day 1.   Arrival.

On your arrival at the airport you will be meet by the local guides team and transferred to your first accommodation, located in the town of Barumini.

We will set some time aside to learn all about your hiking week in Sardinia.

Day 2.  The Giara plateau.

Distance 12 km   •   Duration 4 hrs

Our first day’s excur- sion takes us up to the basalt plateau rising above the Barumini plain. Here we make a round walk through the thick Mediterranean maquis, visiting several monuments and admiring the wild flowers dotting the many shallow lakes present on the plateau. These are as well the grazing grounds of free roaming cattle and a specific type of wild little horses only to be find on the Giara. With a bit of luck we willbe able to spot several of these. We may well have lunch near a traditional “cuile” or shepherds’ hut before walking back to our van. After the walk we transfer to our next accommodation at Aritzo in the heartland of the Gennargentu moun- tains, where a nice glass of wine and a hearty dinner will round of the day

Day 3.   The highest peaks of Gennargentu.

Distance 15,5 km   •   Duration 5 hrs

After breakfast this morning we drive up from Aritzo to the starting point of our walk at the mountain refuge of Sa Crista at S’Are- na, high up the Gennargentu Mountains. During our transfer we will pass along the western fringes of the Gennargentu and Gulf of Orosei National Park, offering stunning view on the valley of Aritzo and Desulo to the west and on the Girgini forest to your east. Our day’s walk will take us to Sardinia’s highest point, Punta La Marmora (1834 mt), starting from the mountain refuge of Sa Crista (1502 mt) and passing over Sardinia’s second highest peak Bruncu Spina (1828 mt). We will walk through a bare, windswept landscape covered only by low ground hugging shrubs and rocks. Throughout April and the beginning of May snow may still be covering parts of the path. If we are lucky we may spot wild mouflon sheep and soaring eagles, as well as many small groups of horses left to graze on the mountains flanks. During spring and early summer several wild flowers will spot your walk with different colors.

Day 4.   Amazing views of Supramonte.

Distance 16 km   •   Duration 6 hrs

Today’s walk will take us to one the most spectacular viewpoints of the whole of Sardinia, offering stupendous views on the whole of the Supramonte mountains and beyond. A short transfer takes us from our accommodation to the starting point of our walk near the steep gravel track of Scala ‘e Pradu. From here we climb up to the barren limestone plateau stretching out between the peaks of Punta Sos Nidos and Monte Corrasi. We first walk up the latter peak reaching up to 1463 mt, which makes it the highest top of the Supramonte. Views from here are simply astounding, reaching from the Punta Lamarmora and the Gennargentu to the West to the Oddoene Valley and the Mediterranean to the East.

After enjoying the view, we continue first downhill and then up again to the top of the Punta Sos Nidos, plummeting down for several hundreds of meters into the Valley of Oliena. A short stretch then takes us to our starting point again, from where we head back to our accommodation in order to freshen up in time for yet another wonderful dinner!

Day 5.  From the Valley of Lanaitto to Tiscali Nuragic Village.

Distance 12 km   •   Duration 4 hrs.

We begin our day with a short transfer into the valley of Lainaittu to the Sa Oche Cave. Here we visit the nuragic temple of the Sacred Spring, an amazing archaeological site discovered only recently. From the Sa Oche refuge we then start our great day walk, which will take us into the homeland of the nuragic people. Wide gravel roads followed by narrow rocky foot paths will see us climbing up to the underground village of Tiscali, in a depression at the top of the likewise called mountain. This is possibly the most scenic archaeological site you will ever see.

From Tiscali we then walk down again to the Sa Oche refuge, but by a different route, taking us through a narrow gorge with lush vegetation. If we are lucky we may well spot wild boar or a family of wild mouflon sheep. From the Sa Oche refuge we then transfer by van over quiet country roads to our next accom- modation in the fishermen’s village of Cala Gonone on the Sardinian East Coast. If we make it in time you could get in a quick swim as well before sitting down for dinner in one of the little towns many little restaurants.

Day 6.  The spectacular Selvaggio Blu.

Distance 14 km   •   Duration 5 hrs

On our first day along the Sardinian East Coast we will follow rocky paths leading high above the smeraldine waters of the Mediterranean to some of the most wonderful beaches this part of Sardinia has to offer. A short van transfer will take us to Cala Fuili near Cala Gonone from where we start walking along the first part of one of Europe’s most spectacular long distance walks, the Selvaggio Blu (Wild Blue) trail. All along this path we will enjoy amazing views on the rocky coastline, while walking on top of high cliffs dotted by ancient juniper trees. We will pass several examples of traditional cuile (local shepherd huts), some of which are still in use.

At the end of the walk we arrive at the Cala Luna Beach, an ideal spot for a swim and some relaxing sun bathing. From Cala Luna we will then be picked up by boat for our return trip to Cala Gonone, enjoying spectacular views on the sheer cliffs of the rocky coast.

Day 7.  The Gorropu Gorge and the Flumineddu river.

Distance 16 km   •   Duration 5 hrs

Today we walk to the amazing Gorge of Gorropu, dug out by the forces of the Flumineddu River. After breakfast we transfer over one of the island’s most panaromic roads, to the trailhead of today’s path, situated at the Genna Silana pass a bit over 1000 mt asl. From here we walk down a steep gravel track leading slowly down to the canyon entrance, passing through the fragrant Mediterranean maquis coloured by wild flowers and the red fruits of the strawberry trees. When arriving at the gorge local guides will explain the nature and geology of the amazing canyon after which we are free to walk in and explore this unique wonder of nature on our own.

The further we enter the gorge, the bigger the boulders we have to climb over and the narrower the passages we have to squeeze through, until we reach the point where the base of the gorge is only 5 mt wide! From here we turn back to the entrance of the gorge, and then walk over an easy trail along the river to our pick up point near the modern bridge over the river for our transfer back to the hotel.

Day 8.  Departure.

Following breakfast it’s sadly time to head to Cagliari Elmas Airport (CAG) for return flights. But, if you have a day or two to spare, it would be a real pity that you do not extend your trip with some biking or sea activities along the picturesque coastline and sandy shores of Villasimius or Chia. Our local team can join you for a day’s guiding or we can provide the information and equipment to allow you to enjoy the routes selfguided. Just give us a call for further info.

We always do our best to stick to this itinerary but please be aware that we can’t guarantee to follow this schedule exactly. Very occasionally events that are out of our control mean we have to make some changes, but we’ll ensure you still have a great time!