About Wild Trails Italy

Tours and Active Holidays in Sardinia and throughout Italy

With more than ten years of experience, Wild Trails Italy is expert in the management and organization of Active and Adventure Holidays in all Italy and main mediterranean Islands, Sardinia, Sicily and also the French Corsica.

From mountain biking to road cycling, from hiking to sea kayaking we provide unforgettable experiences, you will depart happier and immediately start think to the next adventure.

We offer active holidays on the highest passes of Alps, Dolomites and Piedmont, in Tuscany and center Italy, from the Apennines Mountains to the coastal scenery of Puglia.

We offer our services to Tour Operators and keen cyclists, providing expert advice and assistance regarding all the aspect of tourism and outdoor activities in Italy and Sardinia; we also manage the operational phase of the tour, with highly qualified and expert guides.

Wild Trails Italy

Our company born in Sardinia and comes from an idea of a group of expert Tour leaders and  professionists of the active holidays. Our different education and professional experiences have got closer and have woven together over time. All this has led us to successfully collaborate with the best tour operators qualified in the active holiday offers. Now, after more than ten years of experience, everyone of us has led hundreds of active tours. We have designed and scouted tours all over Italy and main mediterranean islands. We got lot of satisfaction but we were not completely satisfied. We want to do it even better.

In 2014 we founded our own company, Wild Trails Italy. We share a common passion for outdoor activities but especially we love make people happy. Our goal is to deliver services distinct for the high quality, not just a cycling holiday or an active experience, as many others in the market. We are known for deep attention for details, excellent organization skills. We are always focus on customer’s needs and expectations and we are animated by real passion for our job. All these are the simple ingredients that allow us to deliver everytime the tour of a lifetime.

Our passion for cycling and outdoor activities

If you dream an active vacation to explore Italy and the Mediterranean islands, we are the professionists you are looking for, we have all the knowledge and experience to make your dreams real.

Have a look at “Tours” page, it is just an idea of what we can offer. You can tell us what are you looking for and we can design a tailored tour for you.

We provide guide services, assistance and logistical support. We supply transfer and hostess service, but particularly we provide tourist guide and sports instructor who will help you in all your activities, either tours or a simple mountain bike day excursion, also including road bike tours, leisure cycling, trekking activities, sea kayak and mountain running.

We offer to share our thorough competence and experience with tour operators, passionate cyclists, cycling club, not only to meet the target with expert’s needs but also to help beginners and introduce them in the wonderful world of the active holidays.

Our Land, Sardinia

Wild Trails Italy designed and guided dozens of tours all over Italy and Mediterranean’s islands: Alps, Dolomites, Tuscany, Apennines, Puglia, Garda Lake, Como Lake, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Sardinia, Sicily and Corsica Island.

Italy do not need lot of presentation, it is already a popular tourist destination, and his fame is well deserved. We offer you the chance to discover the most genuine side by combining the visit of a territory rich in history and art with your passion for outdoor sports. We know very well the best routes and the best places to enjoy the local food, you have just to enjoy the holiday.

We have a special relationship with Sardinia, it is not as popular as the rest of Italy, so first we would like to present this gem.

Sardinia is Italy’s second largest island, after Sicily, but is much less densely inhabited, meaning the region retains much of its wild natural beauty. Even if Sardinia’s economy is mainly based on coastal tourism, much of its marvelous coastline and many of its beaches remain unspoilt, while in the mountainous inland one can travel for hours on end without meeting a living soul.

Combine this to the mild Mediterranean climate with little rain, a very short winter, a long spring and  relatively high temperatures in autumn, the Sardinia’s genuine food and really nice wines. What else you need for a fantastic active holiday?

Sardinia’s healthy life style has became popular all over the world because it is the key of the wellness of local people and the secret of their longevity, a world record, based on good food and good air. Sardinia is full of empty and quiet roads, with smooth tarmac; local bikers developed a big net of mountain’s trails, under the sunshine for 10 months per year.

The wildest areas are the ideal spot for multiactivity holidays. Sardinia offers big variety of terrain and landscape, it is a small continent, a wonderful and unique land: limestone gorges, cliffs and peaks, basaltic plateaus, high mountains and green hills close to the coast. some of the best beaches in the world. With beautiful mountains and clear sea, you can practice all activities: road bike, MTB, sea kayaking, hiking…or just swimming and lying on a fantastic beach!

There are 50 km of wild and uncontaminated limestone cliffs. It is the island of the famous Selvaggio Blu, one of the most challenging hiking routes in Europe. All together, this special ingredients make Sardinia a little known, but highly appreciated cycling destination. Whichever way you prefer to enjoy your active holiday, we will be happy to satisfy your wishes and glad to accompany you.